Store Product Where To Purchase Notes
Lowes 5 Gallon Paint Bucket Click Here I like these because I can see at a glance if they have water in them and how much
Lowes 5 Quart Paint Bucket Click Here I like these because I can measure 3 quarts at the sink with just the bucket
Lowes Moisture Tester Click Here
Home Depot HP Pro Pack Wet Dry Vac Click Here Powerful, easy to use, last forever, fits waterclaw
Home Depot Home, Auto and Garden Pump Sprayer Click Here Pump sprayer hand held not as good as the stihl ones but I am bad at rinsing mine out
so I replace more often so cheaper is better
Jon Don B&G Fogger Click Here
WalMart Rolling Cart Click Here
Amazon Humidity Meter Click Here
Amazon Gas Vapor Cartridge Click Here
Amazon Trash Bags Click Here When you mix your 500 gr you have packaging to throw away. If it gets wet it will also gas off so I put it in these trash bags and tie them closed. They are small and heavy duty. As I carry the trash home to dispose of it. The small size is hard to find in stores without a scent
Amazon Glass Cleaner Click Here When you do smoke jobs I clean the windows- both cars and homes and this is what I prefer to use
Amazon D Batteries Click Here Haven’t had one fail me yet and less than a dollar per battery
Amazon Nitrile Gloves Click Here I like these for jobs where you need a little more control. They are thick and comfortable
Amazon Yellow Work Gloves XL Click Here For nicotine removal XL are hard to find
Amazon Respirator Click Here This is the medium size mask
Amazon Black Light Click Here Best black light out there.. Worth the $40
Amazon Air Movers Click Here These are stronger than the ones in Lowes or Home Depot
Amazon Laser Measurer Click Here
Amazon Paint Sprayer Click Here
Amazon Paint Sprayer Tip Click Here I recommend the smaller size tip unless you move quickly
Grill Seal Duct Register Tape Click Here This is a huge timesaver for covering bathroom fans, outlets,
registers etc I over 8 inch rolls
US Plastic Black Gallon Jug Click Here #1 I do this so I can see at a glance what is in a bottle
US Plastic White Jug Click Here For stabilized CLO2
US Plastic 16 oz Spray Bottle Click Here
US Plastic Black Trigger Sprayer Click Here For both you cut a little off the
bottom for the 16 oz
US Plastic 32 oz Spray Bottle Click Here
US Plastic Mister Spray Bottle Click Here For air freshener
US Plastic 2 oz Scoop Click Here
US Plastic 2 oz Scoop w/ Funnel Click Here
Moppsy Pro Moppsy Pro2 Click Here This is the one I now use.  There are cheaper versions on Amazon. (haven’t tried them)  But I really like this one. Saves me a ton of time by not having to switch heads and water as often.  I use the other mops for high ceilings
Direct Mop Sales Handles and Frame Click Here
Direct Mop Sales Microfiber Mopheads Main Click Here
Direct Mop Sales Telescopic Handle Click Here
Direct Mop Sales Microfiber with Scrubbie Mophead Click Here
FLIR FLIR Compact Thermal Camera Click Here
The Ecology Works Backpack Sprayer Click Here

The Ecology Works

Electrostatic Sprayer Call For More Information


Collapsible Trash Can Click Here When doing larger jobs this is great for holding the dirty rags/mopheads during the cleaning. I clip a trash bag into this and when we are done, I pull it up and it is ready for transport. I bought mine a long time ago and so it may not be this exact one


Other products you will need to buy at Walmart/Home Depot/ Lowes/Amazon etc– most you may have already.

  • 6- 5 gal buckets see above
  • 6-5 qt buckets see above
  • Painters tape frog is best for painted walls but otherwise just blue painters tape
  • Painters plastic I buy both the thin and thicker type
  • Shower caps I get these at my local dollar store- they come in a pack of 6
  • Rubberbands
  • Long plastic spoon
  • White rags/miocrofiber towels I buy mine at sams club

Specialty items that you may need for certain jobs or you may never need

  • Moisture meter
  • Black Light
  • Atp meter
  • Humidity Meter
  • Mops for wall cleaning
  • Elecrostatic sprayer
  • FLIR meter
  • Pump Sprayer
  • Laser measurer

Special savings if you order through Get CLo2  – Call Wendy to order

Call Jim for Electrostatic Sprayer

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Packages Are Shipped Both USPS and UPS. CLO2 can only be shipped UPS- However, since USPS is cheaper, that is our default for aerators, odor destroying packs, 101/102 dispensers and eggs. If you prefer to have them shipped UPS due to USPS being slower, please let us know when ordering.

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