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Welcome! Five years ago, NO ONE was talking about Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2). However, today you can find products at supply houses and even online that have Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2). So why would you want to spend your hard-earned money be a part of the membership at GetCLO2?

Here are some of the benefits:

1. You will get FAR SUPERIOR PRODUCTS with us at GetCLO2 than what you can buy on the open market. If you compare products, the parts per million of CLO2 is far less online than the products that you can buy from us. Online sellers must sell products so diluted that anyone can use without causing problems. We sell industrial grade products with the strength you need to offer a 100% guaranteed result.

2. In addition to our main products. We offer a variety of products for special uses as well. We continue to work to introduce new products all the time.

3. You will get UNLIMITED PHONE SUPPORT from GetCLO2 to help you use the products safely and effectively. So, you can feel secure offering a 100% guarantee. We will always be there to help you when you need it.

4. You will get access to a WEBSITE OF OVER 100 VIDEOS –“HOW TO” VIDEOS, INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, MARKETING VIDEOS and MORE, designed to tell you when and how to use the products. Documents from neutral third parties to help you educate yourself and the customer. Links to non CLO2 products that we have tried and have success with to save you time. We also offer special discounts on products such as CLO2 meters and Electrostatic Sprayers etc.

5. You will get access to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you can chat with other members about jobs, marketing, and pricing. Ask advice and share your knowledge and successes. Learn and grow with people doing the same thing you are in another state or country.

6. You get MARKETING SUPPORT through GetCLO2’s Trust Local Agency. While this is not included in your membership fee, the Google Ad Campaign is run by a google ad specialist that is running over 50 successful odor removal campaigns throughout the US, so you get the benefit of someone who knows the industry. And the benefit of all those campaign results as well.

This is a HUGE advantage. When you do google ads with us, you will also receive a FREE website and FREE hosting for as long as long as you are active with Google Ads. If you prefer your own permanent website, we have several options ranging from our free website to a multiple page stock website to fully custom-built sites. JCJN Inc. is a marketing firm owned and managed by Joe Crivello-Sorensen and Craig Berry. JCJN offers Google Ad management, Website design, SEO, and social media marketing as an add on service to all our members at a nice discount. We want to you to succeed!!!

7. And finally, and most importantly…YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!

The profit margins are high. The product cost is low compared to what you will charge the customer and there is not a lot of competition. Ozone and Ionizers are the main competition for odor removal, and we all know that while they can work, they do not ALWAYS work.


My average cigarette job is $2200.00, pet urine varies from topical treatments for under $500.00 to full mitigation for thousands of dollars. Skunk jobs are often $1000-$1200.00 for two half days of work. Additionally, I personally sell a lot of products to be used for minor odor and allergen control. This is an easy revenue stream. We can also create a custom catalog to help you sell them.

One of the benefits of working with us is that we will not over saturate the area with service providers. We only allow one person per area based on population and performance.

Sounds Great! How do I join?

The next step is to call us at 303-819-7588. We will discuss if this is a good fit for both of us. If it is a good fit, we will get you signed up, get you access to the members only area of the website and the Private Facebook Group. Membership atomatically renews. We here at GetClo2 send out a reminder letter that the yearly membership is coming due, then use the credit card on file. Please make sure the card on file is up to date. The affordable annual membership is often recouped after just one job. That is why over 75% of our members have been with us four years or more and continue to renew.  In addition to the membership, you will need to purchase the products and tools necessary to do the jobs. We have put together a startup bundle that does just that. After this initial order you can order items ala carte as needed. So, CALL TODAY and we will get you signed up, get you access to the members only area of the website and the Private Facebook Group.

Still not certain? Let’s do a webinar and chat together. Meet me and my marketing team. We will answer any questions that you have.

Call me at 303-819-7588 to schedule a time.

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary" - Jim Rohn

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Satisfaction Gauranteed! Read Our 5-Star Reviews Below

I have great respect for Wendy. I think, three words would well describer her, relational, knowledgeable and practical. The first time I spoke with her I truly enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her and her business. Her knowledge of the business is truly amazing. She can speak to every aspect of odor elimination and sanitization from both product and process of remediation. She has also been very practical. She knows how to get a job done and do it efficiently and economically. #ravingfan - Jeff Mullen

I am a certified Master Textile Cleaner, and started my career in 1994. Chlorine Dioxide changed my business and my life when I was introduced to the product. I correct a LOT of Urine every year- from furniture and rugs to wall to wall carpet and vehicles. I 100% guarantee Urine odor removal in every job we take on- and have NEVER failed with CLO2. There is no product I have used in my career that is as great as CLO2- it’s as close to a “magic bullet” as I have ever seen.  - Rob Decker

My introduction to Clo2 over 3-years ago has proved beneficial in multiple aspects to my business. As an owner operator of a carpet cleaning business for over 25 years, it has been my experience that Clo2 is the most cost effective tool available for pet odors and it totally eradicates urine odors. I no longer have a need for the overpriced, ineffective chemicals that left my customers with an incomplete job, smelling like pet urine and deodorizer. Clo2 is a broad spectrum tool which has diversified my income by allowing me to attack everything from whole house skunk odor to smoke odors, musty basement odors and even mystery odors. As a one man operator, the correct tool for the job is everything. Clo2 is that tool, increasing my income by over 35% the first year. Mark D.Hayes

I was introduced to ClO2 early 2018, and since then have had great results in utilizing it in various ways in my cleaning business.  From being able to get rid of a variety of different cleaning products, to opening the doors to new services that I could not or would not have ever got into previously.  It's also opened the doors to many new customers/clients.  It's great knowing that I'm not exposing myself or customers to dangerous chemicals as well.  Being able to do a job better, quicker and safer is a no brainer.  And the support team is amazing to help through different situations that I may not have had experience with in the past.  - Brent Rolston, Owner BNR Cleaning Services 

Wendy is a life saver! Our house was on the market with lots of showings. However, many commented about a smoke odor in the house. When we had large family get togethers we set up tables & chairs in the garage, complete with ashtrays for all the smokers. I found Wendy on the internet and the rest is history! She took care of all the smoke smell as well as freshened the basement. Thank you so much Wendy for an awesome job. House is clean and sanitized…. YES!… Oh, that’s not all either. Wendy has a line of products for purifying the air that we and our family are also enjoying. Everyone should know about All Odors Gone, Longmont. – Joyce N

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