Start Up Bundle

This bundle is designed so you do not have to wonder ”what should I buy?…what do I need?” These are the necessary items to do almost any job that you might come across. 


Masks and Cartridges Included In Your Bundle


6 aerators, pvc piping, cases with lube etc 69.25 x 6 = 415.50
12 500’s 48.75 x 12 = 585
5 100 gr tabs 18.25 x 5 = 92.50
10 102’s 8.00 x 10 = 80.00
10 102 dispensers 2.75 x 10 = 27.50
5 20 gr tabs 8.50 x 5 = 42.50
1 7 pound jar Number 1 130.00
5 30 gr stabilized packets 8.00 x 5 = 40
10 Odor destroying packet 3.75 x 10 = 37.50
5 Air Relief 365 (contains 2 bottles) 14.50 x 5 = 72.50
1 Respirator 150.00
2 Cartridges 30.00 x 2 = 60.00
1 Keep Fresh Egg | I just believe every house will benefit from this egg! 14.50 


Total cost=$1747.50

But the best part is that you will get 4-7 times that in income!

Here is a breakdown of potential income: (you can price absolutely any way you like, these are just for illustration purposes. They are based on my pricing in my business.)

The 500 gr kits will treat a minimum of 6000 sq ft of homes (ie 3-2000 sq ft homes) with vapor treatment If you charge .50-1.00 per sq ft =$3000- $6000

50 gr kits will treat 5 bad cars if you charge $175.00 to $250.00×5= $875.00 to $1250.00

20 gr tabs will treat 5 minor smelling cars or small spaces like a single bedrooms $175×5 $875

Odor destroying packets get mixed in 16 oz bottle and sold for $15-25.00 for removing skunk odor on pets, removing urine smell on carpet etc. $150-250.00 or you can use them as a part of your service.

Number 1 is a powerhouse; it can be used in many ways. Just a few ways would be to clean carpets, remove nicotine from walls, or sold premixed or in concentrate. I sell it for $45.00 per 10 oz concentrate or $10.00 per bottle of RTU 32 oz. bottles for cleaning homes (think bathrooms and counters, appliances etc.) or sports equipment like football pads, or just use it in your odor removing services. $45×11=$495.00 or at one oz per gallon Rtu x 20.00=-$2240.00 (if you use it in your services, you can get the RTU type pricing.)

102’s and Air Relief 365 can be sold for $20-25.00 each for minor odors such as diaper pails, cat boxes, teenage boy rooms etc or put in air vents after gas treatment to retain results. $300-$375.00

Keep in mind, with these products, you are a specialist! They have tried everything else and because the products are amazing you can offer 100% guarantee of odor removal so you can charge accordingly.

Even at the low end you are well over $5000.00 with the high end being closer to $10,000.00.

Other products you will need to buy at Walmart/Home Depot/ Lowes/Amazon etc– most you may have already:

  • 6-5 gallon buckets
  • Painters tape
  • Painters plastic I buy both the thin and thicker type.
  • Shower caps
  • Rubberbands
  • Long plastic spoon
  • White rags/miocrofiber towel
  • CLO2 meter
  • Gloves (both the yellow dish washer kind and disposable- I like the black thick ones)

Specialty items that you may need for certain jobs or you may never need:

  • Moisture meter
  • Black Light
  • Atp meter
  • Humidity Meter
  • Mops for wall cleaning
  • Elecrostatic sprayer
  • FLIR meter
  • Pump Sprayer
  • Laser measurer

 If you go to the equipment page I have direct links for non CLO2 products that I recommend.  As always, these are just guidelines.

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary" - Jim Rohn

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Satisfaction Gauranteed! Read Our 5-Star Reviews Below

I have great respect for Wendy. I think, three words would well describer her, relational, knowledgeable and practical. The first time I spoke with her I truly enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her and her business. Her knowledge of the business is truly amazing. She can speak to every aspect of odor elimination and sanitization from both product and process of remediation. She has also been very practical. She knows how to get a job done and do it efficiently and economically. #ravingfan - Jeff Mullen

I am a certified Master Textile Cleaner, and started my career in 1994. Chlorine Dioxide changed my business and my life when I was introduced to the product. I correct a LOT of Urine every year- from furniture and rugs to wall to wall carpet and vehicles. I 100% guarantee Urine odor removal in every job we take on- and have NEVER failed with CLO2. There is no product I have used in my career that is as great as CLO2- it’s as close to a “magic bullet” as I have ever seen.  - Rob Decker

My introduction to Clo2 over 3-years ago has proved beneficial in multiple aspects to my business. As an owner operator of a carpet cleaning business for over 25 years, it has been my experience that Clo2 is the most cost effective tool available for pet odors and it totally eradicates urine odors. I no longer have a need for the overpriced, ineffective chemicals that left my customers with an incomplete job, smelling like pet urine and deodorizer. Clo2 is a broad spectrum tool which has diversified my income by allowing me to attack everything from whole house skunk odor to smoke odors, musty basement odors and even mystery odors. As a one man operator, the correct tool for the job is everything. Clo2 is that tool, increasing my income by over 35% the first year. Mark D.Hayes

I was introduced to ClO2 early 2018, and since then have had great results in utilizing it in various ways in my cleaning business.  From being able to get rid of a variety of different cleaning products, to opening the doors to new services that I could not or would not have ever got into previously.  It's also opened the doors to many new customers/clients.  It's great knowing that I'm not exposing myself or customers to dangerous chemicals as well.  Being able to do a job better, quicker and safer is a no brainer.  And the support team is amazing to help through different situations that I may not have had experience with in the past.  - Brent Rolston, Owner BNR Cleaning Services 

Wendy is a life saver! Our house was on the market with lots of showings. However, many commented about a smoke odor in the house. When we had large family get togethers we set up tables & chairs in the garage, complete with ashtrays for all the smokers. I found Wendy on the internet and the rest is history! She took care of all the smoke smell as well as freshened the basement. Thank you so much Wendy for an awesome job. House is clean and sanitized…. YES!… Oh, that’s not all either. Wendy has a line of products for purifying the air that we and our family are also enjoying. Everyone should know about All Odors Gone, Longmont. – Joyce N

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